• Black Cards
    • WE'VE GOT _____ HOW 'BOUT YOU?
    • For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and _____
    • Maybe we shouldn't have brought up _____ in our Impact Presentation
    • The Rookie All-Star Award goes to _____
    • This year, the Championship was delayed by 45 minutes because of ______
    • And now introducing this year's FRC game ______
    • Why won't the code compile?
    • Team _____ graciously accepts
    • Per rule G22, ROBOTs cannot grab, grasp, or grapple onto ______
    • Why do teams keep asking about _____ on the Q&A
    • ______ is my favorite MC
    • Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Curie, and _____
  • White Cards
    • The Cupid Shuffle
    • A red card
    • Team 1114's secret weapon
    • Getting picked by the 8th seed
    • Intentional Tipping
    • Andy Baker beating Chuck Norris in a fight
    • Real Time Scoring
    • Meeting your true love at RoboProm
    • The GDC
    • Releasing the magic smoke
    • Spontanious Robot Combustion
    • A six-inch PID Loop
    • Someone else with the first name "Woodie"
  • OR Ask us for the longer list OR Customize it with anything you can imagine!

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